We specialize in crafting specialized assessments that help organizations evaluate employee or candidate skills across multiple facets. From companies, to universities/schools, Fulcrum offers customized solutions to bridge the evaluation gap in an efficient seamless manner. Sign up now for one of our standardized tests or try our custom assessment building tool


Questions are specially developed by some of the brightest minds in the respective fields including PhDs, Computer Scientists, Linguists, and more
We adopt a balanced approach that tests candidates using a question difficulty spectrum. Candidates are presented with randomly selected questions from our question bank of thousands of unique questions.
For applicable assessments, scores are calibrated to determine a competency rating in real-time
Our Technology
  • 1 Fully SaaS based platform that requires no downloads or installation
  • 2 User friendly account management portal
  • 3 Proprietary modular question generation backend
  • 4 Create custom assessments that fit your organization’s unique needs using our state of the art test development software
  • 5 Biometric-based True-ID verification system to ensure candidates actually do the assessments without switching with someone else

Our Clients